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Chris Gray (USA) 1 603 778-9211 


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Recommended Books
The Right Choice
by Chris Gray

The MRP II Standard System by Chris Gray and Darryl Landvater

Sales and Operations Planning Handbook by Don Rice and John Civerolo



Master It (Master Scheduling and Lean Production)


Staying in Business with e-Business


Time to Get Serious About e-Commerce


Does Your Supply Chain Measure Up? 


The Party's Over - The Real Aftermath of Y2K 


Back to Basics


Software and Simplicity


Turning Education Expense into an Investment that Pays Off!


ERP Software: Valuable Tips for Selection and Implementation


Coca-Cola: "Always" Class A 




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Although we welcome your order in our shopping cart, you may save substantially on shipping charges by ordering from one of our international affiliates or resellers in your region.  All Gray Research and Worldwide Excellence Partners books are available from these sources: 


PHIL HEENAN CONSULTING www.heenan.com.au

P.O. Box 7032, Upper Ferntree Gully
Victoria  3156
Phone: (03) 9752 5355
Fax: (03) 9752 5354

Email:  Phil Heenan  phil.heenan@bigpond.com

Phil Heenan provides specialist education, auditing and coaching services to organizations wishing to improve Sales & Operations Planning and associated processes and performance measures. He will undertake major projects that totally transform businesses, or work on specific problem areas.  



DELOS PARTNERSHIP www.delospartnership.com

Call Gordon Hammond on :

T: +44 (01438) 833690
M: +44 (07831) 288658
F: +44 (01438) 833592

Or e-mail him on gordonhammond@delospartnership.com

The Delos Partnership is a full service consulting, coaching and education firm based in the UK.  They provide a full range of classes, assessment services and focused consulting to help you achieve the best possible results from your organization.  They stock a full range of books and materials in support of their programs. 

See books on SOP and Lean  at Delos' bookshop

Or call or email me for more information:  1 603 778-9211, cgr...@grayresearch.com .   

To order directly from Gray Research:  www.grayresearch.com/mybooks.htm

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