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We don't do job searches or placement.  We hire people for our own staff infrequently.  But more and more, we are approached by friends and acquaintances, and companies, about job opportunities or helping in a job search.    


We think that if you are looking for a job, or looking for a top-notch employee, you should deal with a professional.  Use the links below to connect to people who can really help you in finding a job in supply chain management, general management, information systems or other technical areas.  If you are a  prospective employer, the same links can take you to sites that will register your opening.  


We've also provided a link to a resume writing service to help job seekers hone their written communications, and a link to Amazon.com for books and materials that may be helpful in your job search.   


Click on the appropriate graphics or text below to get professional help:    


JobMatch Registration    







For help with resume writing or editing, click on the CyberEdit link:  





For books and reference materials:  





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