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If you run a manufacturing company and would like better customer service with less inventory and more predictable performance, please look at the consulting services, workshops and seminars, books and educational material here. 

My consulting services include implementation guidance and focused counseling once the new methods are "on the air" in the following areas:  MRPII/ERP, S&OP, forecasting and master scheduling, as well as lean manufacturing. 

My books on software selection and software functionality are the standards in the field. 

If you are interested in more effective sales and operations planning, forecasting and demand planning, or master scheduling, or in achieving better integration between your planning functions and lean planning and execution, please explore this site, as well as affiliated sites at www.partnersforexcellence.com and www.salesandoperationsplanning.com .  For answers to frequently asked questions, please refer to: 




An important limited time offer from my friends at the International Institute of Forecasters: 

As you may know, I serve as associate editor of the International Institute of Forecasters’ professional journal Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting

Foresight is essential reading if you are involved in a forecasting process.  Each issue combines the experience of forecasting professionals with the insights of top business school leaders to create an invaluable resource for makers and users of business forecasts of all kinds. Foresight features perspectives and case studies on forecast process improvements, collaboration in forecasting and planning, forecast accuracy measurement, tutorials on forecasting methods, distillations of important new research, comprehensive book reviews and more.  

My affiliation with Foresight allows me to offer you a free trial subscription to Foresight.   

If you’d be interested in trying Foresight for 6 months, 2 additional issues (print or digital edition) “on me”, let IIF’s Business Director know: 

Pam Stroud, IIF Business Director

Pam Stroud< pamstroud@forecasters.org>

(781) 234-4077 

Unlike many other associations, the IIF is a non-profit organization whose sole reason for being is to further the use of knowledge on forecasting.  I hope you’ll take advantage of this offer from them – I’m confident that you will benefit. 

Chris Gray

You can contact me via email or telephone: